(Hard|Soft)ware hacker. HTMLizer. Amateur designer and photographer. Still a student, but doesn’t let that get him down.

I am a web programmer hell-bent on building things.  I work with web standards and think about usability and simplicity.  I am a newly-minted San Franciscan and work for Flickr.  I write and rant about the Internet because that’s all I know.

Musically speaking, I am a drummer.  I am not well-trained by any means, but I am well-practiced — I have been playing (nearly) continuously for about twelve years.

Athletically, I am a cyclist.  Not a racer, but not casual or bashful about going fast, either.

Spatially, I am aware.  I love maps, knowing where I am, where I am going and what to see and do along the way.  Having a new city to explore is like Christmas and a birthday put together (which, incidentally, is how it goes for me, anyway).

I’ve worked on many projects, such as InversionTableLife.com to bring ideas to life.